Who is Ross Bradley? Ross D Bradley is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over ten years of industry experience. He has spent time managing training facilities, working one on one with clients, and teaching group classes. Fitness is his passion, and he has spent fifteen years of his life pursuing self-betterment in the field. With his understanding and knowledge, it is his goal to bring you a fitness experience the likes of which you have never seen in a way that will easily and realistically help you accomplish your goals.

What is our training philosophy? There are three requirements for optimal training. We want to train as hard as possible, as often as possible, and as fresh as possible. Training as hard as possible is a condition dependent entirely upon the individual trainee. If you have never exercised a day in your life, walking around the block might be pretty intense. However, if you are a marathon runner, running a 5K will be a breeze. That being said, our first requirement for starting a new training program is to identify your fitness level, and we do that with the free initial fitness assessment. From there, we have to consider frequency. You could train twice a day, but let's be realistic. Unless you are getting paid to exercise, that's not going to happen. You could exercise for six hours one day and then rest for the remainder of the week, but that makes for one long day and inconsistent results. At Principle's Gym, we have found that three, one hour sessions in a week, separated with either a day off or a day of light aerobic exercise is optimal for most individuals looking to reclaim their health and wellness. This leaves us with freshness. As a trainee, you will want to be as recovered as possible when you start your next training session. This is why we limit the strength training to three times a week. The session will be adjusted to your fitness level, but still intense enough to promote results. The results, however, are only attained from the rest and recovery, which is why we try to have 48 hours of rest between each session. Session intensity and duration are adjusted to ensure the trainee will achieve optimal recovery between the sessions. As the trainee becomes better conditioned, the intensity and duration of the sessions will increase. Sessions are always an hour long, however, new trainees will spend more of their time learning the exercises and practicing mobility exercises to reclaim their reflexive core stability. As the trainee's conditioning improves, the training will move from learning the movements to an intense practice of the movements. You will learn in our Five Principles that we are always practicing during training; we just get better at practicing as we progress. This intense practice will take up more of the training time allotted, but this is the natural progression of the program. As skills improve, new skills are added, so the trainee is given the opportunity to grow and improve. There is no limit to how far the training can go because we are always striving to improve our own individual performance. We do not Workout. We train, and training has a goal and a purpose. If you supply the goals, we will help you accomplish them. If you don't supply your own, you can borrow ours; optimal health, strength both physically and mentally, and a long and happy life. 

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What is Principle’s Gym? Have you heard of Crossfit? We are not like that. Have you heard of personal training? We are kind of like that. What we are is hard to quantify because we are a brand new concept in the exercise and fitness world. Perhaps some clarifying questions are needed. Would you be interested in a training program that will help you accomplish your fitness goals, regardless of what they are? Would you be interested in a training program that is tailored to you, regardless of your fitness level? Would you be interested in using a newly equipped facility with top of the line equipment? Would you be interested in a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment, free from all of the traditional gym hype? Would you like to start feeling better within a few days of training, and start looking better within a matter of weeks? If you answered yes to these questions, then Principle’s Gym is the place for you. Our facility is conveniently located in the Hamilton Mill and Dacula area, and it is locally owned and operated. Your results are closer than you think. So, are you ready to start today?