Class size is limited to ten people, so all classes require a reservation. Barbell Day, TRX Day, and Kettlebell Day are all times set aside for personal training.

Additional class times are available by appointment.

*If there are no reservations for a class, it will not occur.

**More class times will be added as the need arises.


8:30 am Barbell Day

9:30 am Barbell Day

3:00 pm Barbell Day

4:00 pm Barbell Day

5:00 pm Barbell Day

6:15 pm Barbell Day

7:15 pm Barbell Day


6:15 pm Kickboxing

7:15 pm Kickboxing


8:30 am TRX Day

9:30 am TRX Day

3:00 pm TRX Day

4:00 pm TRX Day

5:00 pm TRX Day

6:15 pm TRX Day

7:15 pm TRX Day


By appointment only.


8:30 am Kettlebell Day

9:30 am Kettlebell Day

3:00 pm Kettlebell Day

4:00 pm Kettlebell Day

5:00 pm Kettlebell Day


8:00 am Kickboxing

9:00 am Kettlebell Day

10:00 am Kettlebell Day

11:00 am Kickboxing

12:00 pm Kettlebell Day



Class Schedule

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