3.)    Strength is a skill, and it is for everyone.

An NFL quarterback has spent years if not decades perfecting his ability to throw a football. The same is true for a professional violinist and his or her violin. This is the case for any person seeking to develop a skill. The movements necessary for effective strength training are a skill, and they too require training. Our training is practice so that we get better at the movements, and subsequently we will get stronger.This increase in strength will make everything we do better, especially the accomplishment of our goals.

1.)    Know Thy Self

This is Socrates’ first principle, and while it has incredibly powerful application throughout all of life, we are specifically focusing on your fitness. It is important to know your current physical fitness level, your physical capabilities, and most importantly, what you want to accomplish with your time here.


5.)    Your goals matter.

The training you perform here is for you; take it seriously. Your life matters, and your goals matter. Come in here and go to work with ​that in mind. 

2.)    Proper Movement First

We train movement patters, not muscle groups. The body is a series of interconnected systems that work together to move the body through these movement patters, and I have an ethical obligation to ensure you are performing them correctly. "We must first learn the proper movement patters and manage any limitations and asymmetries – Mobility and stability problems – before applying a significant volume of performance and sports training. This is appropriate, ethical, and justified, because we can link these to increased risk of injury." (Movement by Gray Cook)


4.)    Best is the enemy of better.

If you are constantly performing at your best, you will never get any better. At Principle’s Gym, every day we want you to get better. From a training standpoint, this translates to, if you are always training to failure, you will never succeed. Your body cannot handle training at that level constantly, and your training should enhance your life, not diminish it. We program and periodize your training so you will always be better every day.