Starting in April of 2015, we are adding kickboxing classes. You will learn striking combinations and practice those combinations on a heavy punching bag. The focus of this class will be primarily on cardiovascular conditioning, and the intensity level will be high. If you are just starting out with a fitness program, this class may be too intense for you, however, if you are up for a challenge, you are welcome to attend. The Free fitness screen is not a prerequisite for this class, however, it is not a bad idea to take the screen. The price is right after all!


Our Classes:

Barbell Day:

Monday is Barbell Day. On this day, we focus on training the squat, the pull, and the push with the barbell. These are our three main movement patterns for that day, and they are adjustable to your fitness level. So, if you are new to training, you will start with body weight squats, if you are advanced you will use the barbell with weights, and if you aren't sure where you fall, we will figure that out for you with our Free fitness screen!

TRX Day:

Wednesday is TRX Day. The TRX is a suspension trainer, and it is designed to use your body weight to develop strength, balance, coordination, power, and stability simultaneously. We start with ten movements on the TRX, and every one is adjustable to your fitness level. As you get stronger, the movements get harder and more complex. Already strong? Prepare for using your body weight like never before! Not sure where you fall? Find out with our Free fitness screen!

Kettlebell Day:

Friday morning and Saturday morning are Kettlebell Days. A kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle, and it is because of this seemingly odd shape that we are able to do some of the most effective functional training for the development of strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning, and body composition transformation. You will start by learning the Turkish getup and the swing, and from there, the possibilities are up to you! Not sure what you want to accomplish? Find out with our Free fitness screen!


If you would like more information about our training methods,

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What is our training system?

 We created three class formats that are based upon movement patterns so they are scalable to all users. Each class is themed with a piece of equipment to provide a cohesive and inclusive environment that unites all attendees to the class with a common purpose, however, the scalability allows for each attendee to train at his or her individual level. We use an in-depth intake screening to identify your individual goals, expectations, and fitness level. From there we modify the program to make it unique to you and work you into the classes that fit your schedule. The Free fitness screen is mandatory prior to taking any of our training classes. However, we also offer kickboxing classes open to everyone. Class size is limited to ten, and all of our classes are by appointment, so please call us at 770-658-2161 to reserve your spot!