Ross is an excellent trainer who stays on the cutting edge of strength training.
                                                        -Dan Innocenzi


" I recommend checking Principle's Gym out. Ross is a Northern Ohio transplant who was my instructor for 2 years. Ross was always about form and he has an impeccable attention to detail."

- John Alberty  

"I first saw Ross at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I hadn't worked out in almost 8 years and I was 25 and could barely do a sit up (actually I think I couldn't at all). Ross was kind but firm in his recommendation to get me motivated to work out (I had the metabolism of a 69 year old woman). I was very sore after those first few workouts but Ross gave me the confidence I needed to keep trying. 5 years later I have lost over 55lbs and dropped 4 sizes. It's not always easy and I ran into many roadblocks, but it's trainers like Ross that give you the strength and motivation to keep going. I recommend Ross to ANYONE trying to get in shape or push their limits."

                                                                                                           -Laura Burke

My husband and I worked with Ross as a personal trainer.  He is super reliable and very knowledgeable.  He introduced us to the TRX and customized work-outs for us.  He gently pushed us to achieve the best results.  I only wish he was still here to help us out!
                                                      -Robin Tuel